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Badges in Roblox are considered collectible items in the game and are either made by game administrators.

In Roblox, admin made badges are rewarded by completing certain but non visble tasks in the game. However, user made badges(which are made by joining the games membership and paying 100 Robux) are awarded in the specific game that is played by completing the game's main or hidden goals. Obviously, there are far more badges mad by users than admins.

Admin badges Edit

Administrator: Only given to administrators Forum moderator:given by invitation, the forum moderators can delete threads that violate rules Image moderators: given to users which allow them todissaprove of images which violate rules Builders Club:A badge used to show that the user has builders club and can acess more features in roblox Turbo Builders Club:Given to TBC members until they are no longer in TBC(these members have more exclusive features Outrageous builders club: the best BC membership. this badge actually shows that the user has OBC Homestead:A badge that is given to users who have their place visited 100 times Bricksmith:Awarded for having your place visited 1000 times Friendship: Awarded for having a minimum of 20 friends Inviter:By inviting a minimum of 3 people to roblox Combat Initiation:Kill at least 5 people in a game Warrior: Kill 50 people at a game Bloxxer: Kill 250 people at a game Ambassador:A badge given to users to represent roblox